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Orlando Magic Wheels - News December 2022

Hello OMW Supporters,

There has been a lot going on with the Wheelchair Basketball team these days. First, in case you missed it, the team has already played in 2 Tournaments.

In early November we traveled to Edinboro State College in Pennsylvania where we competed against teams from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, London (Ontario), Michigan University and Edinboro State College. We finished 1-4 with all games close, but we are learning to play with each other.

On December 10th & 11th we held our annual All Star Tournament with teams from Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte and Jacksonville. Much better result as we finished 3-1 and took 1st place! We have a lot of team members, but everyone got to play as we continue to evolve our defensive and offensive strategies.

In January we will kick off the year in Birmingham, AL. The Lakeshore Pioneer Tournament is always a very competitive venue and we expect to play against teams from Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Lakeshore, Jacksonville, Charlotte, and Arkansas.

In February we may go to Tampa for a few games with the Strong Dogs to prepare us for the National Tournament in Wichita, Kansas at the end of March.

Also, on February 4th we have plans to do an Exhibition game at Forest Lake Academy in Apopka to support a community initiative to fundraise for wheelchairs. The Chair the Love organization is raising funds to provide 280 wheelchairs for underprivileged persons.

Finally, One of our players – Pierre Sturgis has put together a brief video highlighting our team’s victory at our All Star Tournament this year. Enjoy!

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