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Meet the talented teammates who make ORLANDO MAGIC WHEELS what it is today. As a top Wheelchair Basketball Team in ORLANDO, we are well aware that we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today if it weren’t for our disciplined and talented team members. Read on to learn more about the players who work day and night to get our team to the finals. They truly deserve the accolades they’ve received.


Our Story

Our NWBA Division III team is a developmental division that is required to add new team members on a regular basis. The team utilizes adaptive NCAA College basketball rules. We field a very competitive team and in case anyone was wondering, this is a contact sport.

Contact us if you'd like to play on our team.

National Wheelchair Basketball Association 2022-2023 Official Team Roster

The People Who Make Us Amazing

Coach - Jim Moore
Asst. Coach - Joyce Prakke
Mechanical Support - Tom Lenhart
Classifiers - Joyce Prakke
Team Representatives - Joyce Prakke, Jim Moore

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