The Orlando Magic Wheels (OMW) is a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) where physically challenged athletes compete in fast moving basketball tournament play. Athletes, primarily with lower limb disabilities that range from amputations to paraplegia, participate in this team sport using wheelchairs. We take our name from the local NBA team, the Orlando Magic, and even wear the same uniforms.

The Orlando Magic Wheels currently fields 2 teams for league play within the structure of the NWBA and the Florida Wheelchair Basketball Conference. Our Division 3 team plays in the Developmental division of the NWBA and the more experienced players compete in the Championship division (D2). We abide by NCAA rules as adapted for Wheelchair Basketball.
Anyone with a lower limb disability who is coordinated enough to push a wheelchair and hold a basketball is a candidate. If you are in good condition and exercise regularly, great! If not but you are ready to start exercising in a fun, team environment, come on out. Currently, the youngest member of the team is 16 and the oldest is 61. The team currently does not have extra sport wheelchairs, but you can try one of ours if you come out to watch us practice. Bring your family and friends.
Mission Statement
To provide an opportunity for physically disabled athletes to compete in a team sport while in a wheelchair in a competitive environment.

Vision Statement
To encourage and guide the development of physically disabled novice and experienced athletes to achieve their highest performance level while practicing good sportsmanship.

Team, family, sportsmanship, exercise, community involvement, and FUN!

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Orlando Magic Wheels - Wheelchair Basketball is wholly supported by donations, grants and sponsorships thru the Orlando Wheelchair Games, Inc. (501c3)